SY3 (A2) - Crime and deviance part 1.

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  • Sy3 - Crime and Deviance.
    • Crime : Act forbidden by any state/law. Seen as more serious than deviance. - Can lead to arrest or prosecution.
      • Many crimes are minor and petty.
      • Sociologists see crime as a social construction since crimes vary across time and between issues.
    • Deviance: Behaviour that goes against the current norms and values. Receives public disapproval.
      • Tends to be relative (wrong within current norms and values)
      • Authority figures define  behaviour.
    • Crime statistics/patterns: Sociologists study why people commit crime .
      • Police Recorded Crime : Published by home office. Records crime against  commercial and public sector crimes  - only reflects  crimes reported and recorded.
      • British Crime Survey : published by the home office (annual crime survey)  - does not cover crimes committed against under 16's.
      • Victim surveys : Record the number of times people have been victims in past 12 months.
        • Example - BCS and local surveys rely on peoples memory. Excludes crimes against businesses, fraud and victimless crimes.
      • Self report studys - honestly confess crimes > used to make a picture of juvenile offending or offences like drug abuse.
        • Anne Campbell and Lesly Shaklady - Smith did these on young females.
  • Tends to be relative (wrong within current norms and values)


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