Different Types of Crime

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  • Different Types of Crimes
    • White Collar Crimes
      • Financially motivated crimes that are non-violent committed by an individual or government or business
        • Not usually deviant, always criminal
      • Embezzlement, fraud, tax evasion
      • Typically associated with the upper class eg business men and politicians
        • Victims are usually cooperation's, the state or tax payers
      • Jordan Belford (1999) was found guilty of fraud, stock market manipulation, running a boiler room as part of a penny-stock scam.
        • Spent 22 months in jail as he agreed to testify against dozen of participants in his scheme
      • Public awareness usually is not very high
    • State Crimes + Human Rights Violation
      • A deviant or illegal act perpetuated by the states activities.
      • Genocide, waste dumping, war crimes, police brutality, etc.
      • Victims are usually the state in question, the public or political opponents
      • Offenders are usually state servants (politicians), civil servants, police officers or security forces
      • Usually criminal and deviant but depends on what the state defines as a crime
      • George Floyd murdered but police (2019)
        • Rwandan genocide (1994) members of Tutsi, Hutu and Twa tribes were killed by armed militia during civil war
    • Technological Crimes
      • Uber agreed to pay $148 million to settle a data breech that effected 57 million customers in 2016 which they tried to cover up
      • Are usually criminal but not deviant eg illegal downloads
      • Victims  and offenders can be anyone who has access to technology
        • Offenders usually have technological knowledge
      • Crimes involving technology eg. internet, social media
        • Financial crime, illegal downloading, cyber trespass, identity theft, hate crime, publishing and viewing child ***********


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