Different Types of Crime

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  • Different Types of Crimes
    • Individual Crime
      • Crime done by the perpetrator to the individual for a specific reason (refers to a specific criminal action)
        • Assault, abuse (physical, sexual, emotional), GBH, FGM, burglary, etc..
      • Victims are usually vulnerable people eg women, elderly, children, minority ethnic groups
        • Offenders are usually stronger people eg males, older people/family members
      • Public awareness varies eg not very aware of honour abuse but very in domestic abuse
      • Criminal but not always deviant.
        • Eg honour crimes or abuse in some cultures isn't deviant
      • Brendan Harris found guilty of Sophie Lancaster's murder (2007) the murder of Sophie and attack of Robert Maltby are classified as hate crimes against the gothic subculture
    • Moral Crimes
      • Acts that go against societies moral code, norms or accepted values, rules and behaviours.
      • Victims are usually in poverty or desperation, women or ethnic minorities
      • Offenders are usually the same as the victim as these are mainly public order offences
      • Levels of public awareness varies throughout society and social class
      • These acts are both deviant and criminal
      • In 2012 Afghan women were punished for fleeing domestic abuse and some **** victims were also imprisoned for sex outside of marriage


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