classifying coasts

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  • Different ways of classifying coasts
    • Primary coasts
      • Land based processes, such as deposition from rivers, or coastal land formed from lava flows.
    • Secondary coasts
      • Marine erosion or depositional  processes from the sea.
    • Emergent coastlines
      • When the coast is rising relative to the sea level, due to tectonic uplift, or the elastic rebound theory, responding to the Ice Age and its features.
    • Submergent coastlines
      • These coastlines are being flooded by the sea, due to a rise in relative sea level on a global scale. it could also be a result of subsiding land on a local level.
    • Tidal range
      • microtidal- where the tidal range does not exceed 2m.
      • mesotidal- where the tidal range is between 2-4m.
      • macrotidal- where the tidal range exceeds 4m.
    • wave energy - the wave energy can influence the type of coast that is present.


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