Direct democracy

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  • Forms of Democracy
    • Direct Democracy
      • Direct democracy is sometimes referred to as "Athenian Democracy"
      • Today, direct democracy has returned to the referendum form
      • A form of democracy where the people themselves make key decisions. In modern societies this usually takes the form of holding referendums.
      • Advantages
        • -It is the purest form of democracy. People's voice is clearly held
        • -It can avoid delay and deadlock within the political system
        • The fact that people are making a decision gives it great legitimacy
      • Disadvantages
        • -It can lead to the "tyranny of the majority" whereby the winning majority simply ignores the interests of the minority. Elected representatives can mediate between the interests of the majority and minorities
        • The people may be too easily swayed by short term, emotional appeals by charismatic individuals
          • Tony Blair
        • -Some issues may be too complex for the ordinary citizen to understand.
          • Use brexit to prove this argument


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