Disguise in the Bacchae

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  • Disguise
    • Dionysus came to Thebes disguised as a man
      • 'I have put aside my divine form, and in the body of a man I have come here'
    • Dionysus disguises his true intentions for Pentheus by lying to Pentheus about the plan
      • [Dionysus re Pentheus]: 'Would you like to see them sitting together in the mountains?'
    • In the production of the play it is believed that Dionysus was wearing a smiling mask throughout-disguising his true intentions
    • Pentheus hides himself in the trees on Cithaeron
      • 'We settled ourselves in a grassy corpse, keeping our movements and our tongues quiet, so as to see without being seen'
    • Not explicitly disguise, but Cadmus and Tiresias wear bacchic costumes to blend in with the Bacchants when they go to worship with them
      • Cadmus-'I have come ready, wearing these clothes of the god'
      • Tiresias-'We two old men agreed: to make ourselves a thyrsus each, put on fawn skins, and garland our heads with ivy wreaths'
    • Pentheus is driven to dress up/ disguise himself as a Bacchant women to satisfy his curiosity for bacchic worship.
      • Pentheus-'I could not put on women's clothes!'


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