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  • Disney
    • Bob Iger became the CEO in 2009.
      • Iger was responsible for the acquisition of Pixar, Marvel, LucasFilm and 21st Century Fox between 2005 and 2019.
        • Disney's % of the Box Office increased by 24% since these acquisitions.
      • Every (roughly) 3 years, Disney sees a drop in their box office market share, so they acquire a dominant company to place them back up at the top.
    • A powerful conglomerate, that is one of the leader dominators in the film oligopoly.
      • Oligopoly -> a market structure that is dominated by a small number of large companies.
      • Disney = vertically integrated.
    • Disney's logo is often omitted from Marvel film posters, as the logo is associated with a young female audience.
      • The Marvel branding makes the films appear more independent/adopts independent production values - > an older male audience is attracted.
  • Disney acquires 21st Century Fox, but Rupert Murdoch DOES NOT include his News networks in the deal.


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