Divisions within the Democratic Party

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  • Divisions within the Democratic party
    • Progressive caucus
      • Fiscally influenced by the New Deal and believe taxation should fund social welfare
      • Liberal social policy: civil rights, same-sex marriage
      • Mostly represent New England and West Coast states
      • Key figures include Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, AOC
      • Criticised Clinton for signing the Defence of Marriage Act in 1996
    • New Democrat Coalition
      • Seen as a 'third way' between liberal and conservative extremes
      • Fiscally moderate and socially liberal, with potential to comprimise
      • Key figure: Bill Clinton
        • Allowed homosexuals to join military in 1992
        • Cut taxes for wealthiest but cut them for low-income households
      • Believe the Democrats should be a 'catch-all' party to appeal to many voters
    • Blue Dog Coalition
      • Fiscally Conservative, low tax and low spend
      • Socially moderate, often being 'liberal' and believing it is not the government's place to intervene on social issues such as LGBT marriage
      • Example: John Barrow
        • Opposed the Affordable Care Act
      • Help limit bipartisanship by advocating finding common ground and moderation with Republicans


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