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  • Danny
    • What is Danny like?
      • Danny seems to be the more serious and aspirational character. In the first scene, he says he plans to become a dentist.
      • 'A levels are part of the plan; dead people are not part of the plan.'
        • The repetition in the line creates humour despite the situation.
      • He is slightly confrontation,asking John Tate 'how can you ban a word?' and says to Phil 'Is he serious?'
        • Using questions to challenge the others.
    • What is Danny's role in the group?
      • Danny's contribution is minimal, however he does as instructed, showing he is a follower.
        • He repeats phrases which are prestige and achievements, indicates that he is very focused on his future.
          • 'A levels' and 'dentist don't get involved in things.'
    • What happens to Danny?
      • Danny isn't onstage after Act 2, so he does not see Adam's return. His absence may suggest that he doesn't want to associate with the gang anymore.
      • In Act 4, Richard tells Phil that Danny is doing work experience at a dentist's, but his trauma takes over.
        • 'he says when they open their mouths sometimes it feels like your going to fall through.'
          • the open mouth symbolise the hole under the grille Adam 'died' in.


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