Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Quotes

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  • Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Quotes
    • "I had been safe of all men's respect, wealthy and beloved"
      • "Soho... with its muddy ways, and slatternly passengers"
    • Victorian Gentlemen/ Reputation
    • "let us make a bargain never to refer to this again"
    • Utterson is suspicious of Hyde"there is something more if I could find it"
      • Utterson thinks Jekyll is protecting Hyde..." if it came to a trail, Your name might appear"
        • Utterson..."if your master...is dead, we may at least save his credit"
    • Jekyll & Hyde turn out to be the same person"the features seemed to melt"
    • "Edward Hyde, alone in the ranks of mankind, was pure evil"
    • Jekyll... "I have been safe of all men's respect"
    • Jekyll... "I learned... the thorough and primitive duality of man"


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