Dracula Chapter 10 notes/themes

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  • Dracula Chapter 10
    • references to blood
      • as Renfield says in the next chapter "Blood is life!' Lucy looks like a corpse after Dracula drains her
      • Blood transfusions become a central part to this part of the novel
      • this can be seen as the beginning of Lucy's metamorphosis into a vampire as she begins to rely on the blood of others to survive
    • dreams and sleep
      • when Lucy is protected by Garlic she receives a peaceful night sleep whereas before she was troubled
      • Lucy  is almost aware of Dracula's presence because she never sleeps when he is around
      • Lucy is described as extremely vulnerable in her sleep. This can be linked to earlier in the novel where Harker himself says this and places a crucifix above his head to protect him
    • change in perspective
      • The main perspective in this chapter is Dr Seward with the only exception being a brief extract of Lucy's diary
        • this is clever because it allows Stoker to focus on Lucy and Renfield without changing perspectives too much.
      • The perspective mostly unchanged throughout the chapter linking it to earlier chapters in which Harker was the only perspective
      • Dr Seward provides a medical perspectivewhich allows the reader to understand that what is happening to Lucy and Renfield is unnatural
    • sexual undertones
      • The idea of Blood transfusions seems to be slightly sexualised because Van-Helsing states that Arthur would be jealous is he knew Seward had  Lucy blood
      • Stoker portrays when Dracula feeds on women as a very sexual affair
    • science and the mystical
      • Seward is portrayed very much as a man of science and when science is questioned he quilckly grows confused.
      • Science and religion quickly become entwined with Lucy as Van Helsing prays for her but practises modern medicine such as blood transfusions
      • Renfield goes to a church to meet Dracula subtle imagery to show that Renfield does not worship god but Dracula
        • shows Renfields's corruption he does not follow societal norms by worshipping God
    • Dracula's  movements
      • By this point in the novel Dracula has left Translyvania and is now in Whitby
      • his presence can be seen in whitby when Renfield grows more disturbed and his behaviour changes
      • A large bat is  seen near the chapel and outside Lucy's window. It is clear that Dracula is meeting Renfield and feeding on Lucy


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