Dracula chapters 1-5

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  • Dracula Chapters 1-5
    • Chapter 1
      • Jonathan Harker keeps detailed notes of his journey from London to Transylvania
        • on St Georges day Jonathan is collected by the counts driver and travels alone
          • He sees strange blue flames and is threatened by wolves
          • Gripped by dreadful fear as he arrives at castle Dracula
      • Novel begins in the Occident (civilised) Jonathan leaves his safety behind to go to the orient
        • Jonathan has many sleepless nights or nights of disturbed sleep
          • Landlady pleads him not to go to castle Dracula and hands him a crucifix for safety
    • Chapter 2
      • Jonathan meets Count Dracula
        • Dracula was only wearing black symbolises death and mourning
          • "Clad in black from head to foot without a single speck of colour about him anywhere."
        • Draculas appearance is quite oriental and troglodytic with his out of control eyebrows
          • His high aquiline nose shows traits of power and intellect
      • Jonathan assists Dracula on his plans to move to London
      • Notices Dracula has no reflection in the mirror
        • Tries to attack Harker's shaving cut in the bathroom
          • "His eyes blazed with this sort of domestic fury"
        • "Made a grab at my throat"
    • Chapter 3
      • Jonathan impressed with Dracs knowledge of the local history and detail
      • Witnessed Draculas departure from the castle
      • Jonathan is visited by three vampire women who were restrained by Drac
        • Symbols of desire in the novel
          • Shows the clear divide of fear and desire that Harker has
            • Temptation from "voluptuous lips"
        • Women play the masculine role of penatraiting Harker
        • Drac wants Harker for himself
      • Jonathan he is the victim of these three women
    • Chapter 4
      • Harkers attempt to smuggle a message out the castle is betrayed
      • Discovers count Dracula sleeping in a box in the chapel
      • Count Draculas journey to London begins
      • Jonathan makes a desperate escape by climbing down the edge of the cliff face
    • Chapter 5
      • Mina looks forward to Harkers return from abroad
      • Her dear friend Lucy Westernra recieves three marriage proposals
      • Lucy accepts Aurthur Holmwoods proposal
      • Quincey and Seward unlucky in love maintain friendship with Holmwood


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