Dracula chapters 11-15

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  • Dracula chapters 10/11-15
    • Chapter 10
      • Arthur Holmwood gives blood for Lucys blood transfusion
      • Dr Seward leaves Lucy unprotected at night
      • Now its Dr Sewards turn to give blood to Lucy
      • Dr Van Helsing decorates Lucys room with garlic
    • Chapter 12
      • Quincy gives his blood to Lucy
      • Lucys teeth appear to be sharper than before
        • Turning into Vampire
      • Arthur Holmwood following death of his father becomes Lord Godalming
      • Lucy dies
    • Chapter 13
      • Seward and Holmwood notice that in death Lucy still appears beautiful and full of life
        • Lucys vampire self is forming
      • Harker sees young count Dracula in London
      • Helsing has hysterical fit of laughter after Lucys Funeral
        • Children in Hamstead are found to have strange neck wounds
    • Chapter 14
      • Mina reads Jonathans Journal
      • Mina and Jonathan meet Van Helsing
      • Helsing asks Seward to believe that Lucy is responsible for the attacks on children in Hampstead
    • Chapter 15:
      • Helsing and Seward discover Lucys tomb is empty
      • They rescue child from Lucy "the bloofer lady"
      • They prospone attack on un dead Lucy by involving Arthur
      • Arthur reluctantly agrees to go along with this plan


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