Dracula chapters 21-25

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  • Dracula chapters 21-25
    • Chapter 21
      • Renfeild reveals he invited Drac to come into the Asylum
      • Dracula is found forcing Mina to drink his blood
        • Mina describes Dracs plan to use her to punish those who oppose him
      • Renfeild dies
    • Chapter 22
      • Mina Harker re joins the group
      • Count Draculas lair at carfax is destroyed
      • The men break into the Piccadilly house and discover that one box is missing
    • Chapter 23
      • The men ambush Count Dracula in his Piccadilly house
      • Drac escapes
      • Helsing hypnotises Mina Harker and she reveals that Drac is escaping on a ship
    • Chapter 24
      • The men prepare to chase Drac across europe
      • Mina appears to be changing
      • Plans are drawn up
      • Mina and Jonathan their relationship is now altered
    • Chapter 25
      • The men vow to kill Mina if neccesary
      • Their plan to ambush Count in Varna is thwarted due to Dracs change of destination
      • Seward and Helsing suspect Mina on unconsiously revealing to Drac their wearabouts
      • Van Helsing uses Minas connection to Drac to their own benefit


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