Lysistrata concept

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    • What is your budget?
      • £12,000 - I predict that I will need a budget of around 12 thousand.
    • How will I cast it in terms of gender and the number of performers?
    • What sort of stage will I be working in?
      • I have chosen to work in a round, this not only works well in terms of creating the circus dynamics, but its allows frantic movements to be amplified from a 360 degree angel.
      • Using the round will also allow audience members to see one another visually in certain lighting arrangements. This highlights bretchs approach that the audience are watching a play rather than being within it. -
      • The round will allow the performers to interact with the audience easier. Once more this enbales me to put that Bretchian style of work into my interpretation in braking the fourth wall easily, slickly and smoothly.
    • What is my 'take' on Lysistrata?
    • How will I deal with comedy?
      • Dry humor. In comparison to the original performance, i have chosen to use dry humor, (in that despite having an erect falis for example, the characters remain stern faces/oblivious) However the original performance would have highlighted that slapstick comedy.
        • I have chosen to change my approach to the comical elements due to having a modern contemporary audience. I believe that had I have kept the same slap stick comedy approach it could be seen as gaining 'cheap laughs'. Yet i still felt it was important to maintain the comical elements of Aristophanes play, mainly the erect fallis.
      • I intend to use balloons (of the clowns) to implicate the erreect penis, ect.
    • How will I treat the Chorus?
    • When and where will I set it?
    • What sort of song and dance will I use?
    • Will I use marks and, If so what type of masks?


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