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  • Drought
    • Climate conditions
      • atmospheric circulation, no rain in ages
      • Monsoon rains- annual rains doesnt come (India)
      • High pressure weather systems (anticylones) block depression (weather systems that causes rains)
    • Impacts of droughts
      • Primary
        • Vegetation dies,animals and people die. soil dries out due to the erosion of the wind and raind
      • Primary
        • Animals die from starvation-no vegeatation. Conflicts with water supply
    • Human Activities
      • Over grazing- reduces vegetation- soil erosion even worse.
      • Excessive irrigation-using more water from lakes frop crops extra increases the impacts of drought because theres less water
    • LEDC
      • Depend on farming-no crops. STARVATION
      • No money- lack of preparation- they cant afford to build reservoirs


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