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  • Dt Food
    • Logos
      • recyclable alminium
        • the metal can be recycled and therefore is better for the environment.
      • biodegradable
        • materials break down and also provide the earth with nutrients once the material has completely broken down.
      • organic soil association
        • certifies organic produce- artificial pesticides cannot be used.
      • carbon footprint
        • is defined as "the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organisation, event, product or person".
      • forest stewardship council
        • FSC promotes  environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests.
      • compostable
        • materials will decompose and break down and return to nature. this is better for landfill waste and therefore better for the environment.
      • fair trade
        • this is about prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.
    • Terms
      • state
        • often one word or short sentence.
      • reason
        • on early questions on the paper it is often a one sentence answer.
        • as you progress through the paper you should justify/ give examples for what you say.
      • examples
        • if you are asked to give more than one, they should be different.
      • explain
        • must be a full sentence, which includes a reason or justification and an example if it helps.
      • function/ performance characteristic
        • what job it does.
      • evaluate
        • you should write from both points of view.
      • specification
        • in an exam paper you should not be writing in sentences.
        • you must be specific/ exact, not vague or general.
      • benefits/ limitations
        • similar to advantages and disadvantages.
      • discuss
        • usually on the higher paper.
        • you are asked to discuss they must give well reasoned points/ explanations.
        • no 1 word answers.
        • look at the number of marks awarded to identify how much to write.
      • analyse
        • you are required to analyse information, you must not describe the information.
        • you should explain its value/ how the information will be used.


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