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  • dystopian texts
    • Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood
      • eco-dystopia - presents a world affected by illness/environmental disaster
      • main character = snowman avoids the sun, jealous of children who can swim in the sea
      • 'rosy, deadly glow', 'shrieks of the birds'
      • semantic field of waste and decay
      • jargon - BlyssPluss
      • mention of Red Sox - world gone wrong?
    • Only Ever Yours - Louise O'Neill
      • written in 2014 - social media coming to prominence
      • girls' names are not capitalised to show how little they matter
      • girls are called 'eves' - prepared for marriage to men
      • women are no longer able to be biologically born so they are artificially creates
      • specific jargon - SleepSound, Messages, Ceremony (all capitalised)
    • The Chrysalids - John Wyndham
      • written in 1955 - height of cold war
      • importance of dreams - opens with a dream
      • world gone wrong - regression, doesn't know what aeroplanes are or a city
      • ethnic cleansing by Wakunians similar to Holocaust


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