Early Elizabethan Era

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  • Early Elizabethan Era
    • Why England and Spain Went to War
      • Economical Reasons
        • Spain stopped England’s trade in the Netherlands, their biggest trading partners.
        • Spain refused to give English sailors licences to trade in the New World where there were valuable products like tobacco and sugar cane, so Englishmen started trading there illegally.
        • Elizabeth encouraged privateers to trade with Spanish colonies and attack Spain's treasure sips that brought silver and gold to Spain.
        • In 1572, Drake captured £40,000 in Spanish gold and silver. Between 1577 ad 1580 Drake circumnavigated the globe and stole £400,000 of Spanish treasure on the way.
        • Elizabeth knighted sir Francis Drake in 1580 which angered Spain
      • Political and Religious Reasons
        • Spain didn’t act against Elizabeth’s protestant religious settlement
        • The attempt to make the Netherlands Catholic again created tension. Elizabeth sent the Duke of Alba with 10,000 men there in 1567 as she was worried about an invasion. 
        • Elizabeth let Dutch rebels (the sea Beggars) use English ports
        • In the 1570s and 80s Spain supported Catholic plots such as the Ridolfi plot in 1571
        • Spanish fury - 1576 Spanish troops looted Antwerp as they hadn’t been paid..
        •  England joined the 17 Dutch provinces in the Pacification of Ghent to get rid of the Spanish. She sent a loan of £100,000 to the rebels. Philip’s brother Don Juan agreed to the terms and left the Netherlands
        • 6 Months later, the Spanish attacked the Netherlands again causing tension as they had invaded and broke the treaty.
    • Why the Spanish Armada Failed
      • Drakes Raid on Cadiz
        •  Drake sailed into Cadiz harbour in 1587 , and over 3 days destroyed 30 ships and many supplies
          • The Spanish had to divert attention to chasing Drake who went to America to attack Spain there.
        • his delayed the armada by a year giving England time to prepare.
        • Because of the damaged supplies, the armada had badly made barrels so by the time the armada arrived the food was rotting.
      • English Ship Design
        • England built galleons which were faster and easier to manoeuvre, and had longer ranged cannons than the Spanish.
        • The cannons on galleons had a smaller gun carriage so the English could fire more shots.
      • Planning and Communication Issues
        • The Duke of Parma didn’t control any deep sea ports so the Armada would need to have men board in little boats which would take 48 hours! 
        • There wasn't way to tell the duke of Parma where the Armada was. When he heard the Armada was in the English channel, the armada was already at Calais! 


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