Ecosystems and Energy Flow

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  • Ecosystems and Energy Flow
    • Ecosystem - all the organisms living in a certain area and all the non-living conditions
      • Biotic - living features of an ecosystem
      • Abiotic - non-living features of an ecosystem
      • Habitat - place where an organism lives within an ecosystem
    • Energy transfer - main route by which energy enters an ecosystem is photosynthesis
      • Alternative energy route is when bacteria use chemicals from deep sea vents
      • Producers  - plants convert sunlight energy to form that can be used by other organisms
      • Energy transferred when organisms eat other organisms (consumer)
        • Producers are eaten by primary consumers (herbivores)
        • Primary consumers are eaten by secondary consumers
        • Secondary consumers eaten by tertiary consumers (carnivores)
    • Food chains/webs show energy transfer in an ecosystem
      • Trophic level - stage in a food chain occupied by a particular group of organisms
      • Energy locked up in bones and faeces are recycled back into the ecosystem by decomposers
        • Decomposers - organisms that break down dead or undigested organic material e.g. bacteria and fungi


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