Education 1944- 1977

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  • Comprehensive Education 1944-1979
    • 1944
      • Tripartite system
        • grammar schools that were dominated by the middle class received most of the funding
      • Girls education was very limited
      • Most students went to sec mods
      • Very few went to university
      • Very little social mobility in this structure
    • 1950s
      • Left wing critics claimed that the three part system was socially divisive
        • wanted comprehensives
      • 1952-- GCE introduced o-level at 16 and A-level at 18
        • Vast majority of students who took them were at grammar or private
      • Late 1950s  Anti-establishment feeling adding to the feeling that the education system was stopping social mobility
      • Comprehensives were being opened by labour LEAs in 1954 10% of students went to comprehensive
    • Crowther Report 1959
      • Produced in context to the changes in Britains society and economy
      • Society was becoming less deferential and more meritocratic
      • Showed the needs of this new society
    • Newsom report
      • half our future
      • examined educational provision for students between 13 and 16 who were below average level
    • 1960s
      • labour election
        • Get rid  of the segregation of children in schools
        • Anthony crossland was the new education secretary was committed to destroying the privileged system
      • 1965
        • called  to LEAs for universal comprehensive education
        • 1966
          • Funding for these changes would only go to those LEAs who were making changes
    • 1970s
      • Thatcher was education sec 70-74
        • removed Crossland-circulars
      • left wing opponents hoped that private education would be stopped
      • Wilson ended funding for grant schools
        • 1976- Education act
      • National Union of Teachers supported the ending of elitism in education
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