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  • Key beliefs of Sunni Islam and Shi'a Islam
    • Sunni Islam
      • majority of muslims thought that only the Qur'an and the Sunnah (muhammads teachings and actions) had the authority to guide the beliefs and behaviour of muslims
        • they elected Abu Bakr to be their leader (Caliph) to act on behalf of god and muhammad
          • caliphs did not make the laws
      • 6 articles of faith
        • 1 - 1 god
        • 2 - angles communicate the message of god to humans
        • 3 - the Qur'an is highest authority in islam
        • 4 - muhammad is most important prophet
        • 5 - day of judgement
        • 6 - supremacy of god's will - knows and makes everything happen
    • Shi'a Islam
      • muhammad had named his cousin Ali as his successor - ali and his supporters thought the true leader (Imam) had to be a descendent of muhammad and chosen by god
        • each imam would identify the next one before he died
        • ali's claims to be leader were ignored by sunni muslims
          • Shi'a muslims only accept sayings of muhammad that have been passed down through ali or his followers
      • 5 roots - Usul ad-Din
        • 1 - Tawhid
        • 2 - prophethood - muhammad is god's last prophet and gods revelations through him are true
        • 3 - god is just and wise and doesnt do wrong - holds humans accountable for their actions
        • 4 - the imamate means accepting that the 12 imams are the leaders of islam and guard the truth of the religion without error
        • 5- shi'a muslims believe that after death they will be resurrected to be judged by god


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