Effect of the Enabling Act - Gleichschaltung

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  • Effect of the Enabling Act - Gleich-schaltung
    • Hitler was now in a position to bring German society into line with Nazi philosophy: Gleich-schaltung
    • Trade Unions
      • 2nd May 1933
      • All trade unions were banned
      • Nazis said that a national community had been created so unions were no longer required
      • Trade unions were replaced with the German Labour Front (DAF)
        • The DAF decided wages
        • Workbooks were filled out to contain a worker's employment history and employment was near impossible without one
        • Strikes were outlawed, and those who opposed were sent to concentration camps
          • The first concentration camp was opened at Dachau, March 1933
    • Political parties
      • The KPD had been banned after the Reichstag Fire and its property seized
      • On 10th May 1933 the Social Democratic Party had its headquarters, property and newspaper seized
      • Remaining political parties disbanded June-July
      • 14th July 1933 - Law Against the Formation of Parties
      • In the November 1933 general election, the Nazis won almost 40 million votes (3 mil papers were spoilt)
    • State Government (Länder)
      • Hitler broke down the federal structure of Germany
      • There were 18 Länder, each with its own Parliament
      • During the Weimar period these Länder had sometimes caused problems as they refused to accept governmental decisions
      • President Ebert had passed over 130 decrees to overrule Länder
      • Hitler decided that the Länder should be run by Reich governors and their parliaments were abolished in Jan 1934


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