effects of computer games on aggression

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  • The effects of computer games on aggression
    • experimental research: conducted a lab experiment where students either played a violent or non violent game before being asked to deliver blasts of noise to punish a non existent opponent
      • found those that played violent games selected significantly higher blasts of noise levels. concluded: violent games cause an immediate increase in aggressive behaviour.
    • correlational study: a correlational analysis of data acquired by interviews with 227 Juvenile offenders with histories of serious aggression. Found offenders aggressive behaviour was correlated with how often they played violent games. concluded - computer game violence is a risk of aggression.
    • meta analysis: 98 studies found violent game use was linked to an increase in aggression whilst exposure to prosocial games was linked to an increase in prosocial behaviour.
      • it was concluded that a range of evidence supports the link between violent games and aggression.
    • lab experiment has high degree of control. means research is conducted in a controlled setting which allows EV's to be controlled. Eg: lighting, temperature etc. positive as gives research high internal validity.
    • issue with lab is that researchers have not measured real life aggression. means that ethical issues have restricted researchers to alternative measures of aggression. Eg: administering noise blasts used in place of aggression is very different to real life aggression. suggests research may not represent real aggression
    • research ahs also overstated the effects of the media. this suggests results have been signifcant, however, typically only report on small-medium effcet sizes. for exmaple, when focussing on small number of studies, the influence of the media has been close to 0. suggests the influence of media on aggression may be smaller than originally thought.
    • correlational studies do not establish cause and effect. this means they only establish a relationship between 2 covarisbles but cannot say one variable cause the change in the other. this may only show tha people that are already aggressive select aggressive media.
      • this limits the extent to  which reserach can draw firm conclusions.




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