Effect of Stalinism and the struggle for power (1953-56) on Khrushchev’s government and leadership style

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  • Stalinism & the struggle for power on Khrushchev's government &  leadership style
    • Reactions to Malenkov, Beria & henchmen
      • Malenkov better outside relations, also to increase standards of living, less heavy industry
        • Outmanoeuvred by Khrushchev, larger personality and head of party so more influence
          • Failed coup, expelled from party 1961
      • Collective leaders wary Beria linked to purges Khrushchev admired
        • Fought in great patriotic struggle - able to use army to remove Beria
    • Role of Bulganin
      • Replaced Malenkov, meant to be  joint authority but Bulganin subordinate
      • Argued Khrushchev moved too far from Stalin’s policies, unrest in Poland/Hungary triggered by his liberal policies.
      • Forced to confess involvement in anti-party group
        • Demoted. Khrushchev got total power
    • The 20th Party Congress &  Secret Speech
      • Previously Malenkov's policies implied criticism of Stalin, not openly though
      • Reviewed Stalin's career since 1930's
      • Details of purges & individuals affected
        • 'Cult of personality'
      • Also foreign policy with Eastern bloc countries, bad war strategist
    • Reasons for De-Stalinisation
      • Excuse the actions of those involved in Stalin regime
      • Progressive economic measures
      • To remove cult of personality


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