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  • Eggs
    • Uses of eggs
      • Thickens - the protein coagulates when heated
      • Binds - dry ingredients together. When heated the eggs holds the ingredients together e.g fishcakes
      • Setting- (coagulates) a mixture to hold a firm structure e.g quiche
      • Enriches- a sauce adding colour and improving the nutritional value
      • Adds colour and acts as a glaze- this gives a shiny glaze e.g pastries
      • Coats or enrobes- The eggs act as a glue and hold dry coating to the surface. This forms a protective barrier during cooking
      • Emulsify - Eggs are used to stop oil and water from separating; they allow an emulsion to form e.g mayonnaise
      • Aerates - eggs whites  traps air when beaten because the protein stretches
    • Nutritional content
      • Protein - 13%
      • Saturated fat- 10%
      • Vitamin A
      • Vitamin B2
      • Vitamin D
      • Iodine
    • Salmonella
      • Raw eggs contain bacteria called Salmonella


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