EI's rebellions

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  • Elizabeth I - Rebellions
    • Babington (1586)
      • The most significant of all
        • Babington had close contact to Mendoza, the Spanish ambassador in Paris
          • At this time Paris was under the control of the Catholic Holy league
          • Mendoza's aims
            • Promote a Catholic uprising
            • Assassinate EI
            • Place MQS on the throne
        • At the time when war with Spain was beginning to look likely
        • Led to the execution of MQS
        • MQS allegedly consented to EI's assassination - gave Walsingham the evidence he needed
      • Babington and his co-conspirators were all arrested
    • Ridolfi (1575)
      • Plan
        • secure a landing of Phillip II’s Spanish troops at Harwich in Essex
          • Success depended on Phillip II of Spain and his commander in the Netherlands, the Duke of Alba
            • Neither wanted MQS on the throne as MQS was French
        • march on London
        • overthrow EI and marry MQS to the Duke of Norfolk and place MQS on the throne
    • Throckmorton (1583)
      • Conspiracies
        • A Spanish landing in Catholic Lancashire
          • A fantasy
        • A landing in Sussex by MQS’s cousin the Duke of Guise
          • this hoped to  generate support from Catholic aristocrats the Earl of Arundale and the Earl of Northumberland
        • Both were uncovered by Walsingham as he had a mole in the French embassy
      • Consequence
        • Led to the Bond of Association
          • Anyone who tool the oath was required to execute summarily anyone who attempted or succeeded in usurping the crown
        • MQS sent to more securely observed quarters
      • Significance
        • at a time when the international position of Protestantism was becoming more precarious
          • This is because of the Duke of Parma's success in the Netherlands
        • Throckmorton executed for treason
        • Undermined authority but not a direct threat to EI's life
    • Parry plot 1585
      • Welsh MP William Parry admitted to plotting to EI the Queen and replace her with Mary
      • Parry executed for treason at Westminster
      • Helped ensure that parliamentary proceedings on the bill for the queen’s safety were accelerated
        • Contributed to the increasing fears of the Privy council


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