Elizabeth I Foreign Policy

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  • Elizabeth's Foreign Policy
    • Mary Queen of Scots
      • her natural successor but was a devout Catholic and would reverse the Anglican Church and upset the largely Protestant nobility
      • been held captive in England since 1568 used as a figurehead for the plots against Elizabeth
        • was executed in 1587 after her proved involvement in the Babington plot
      • Philip used her execution as an excuse to invade England in 1588
    • Spain
      • The Spanish Armada of 1588
        • English tactics and good luck secured their victory
        • spent 161K
      • lasted the entirety of Liz's reign
      • English privateers stole Spanish bullion being shipped from the New World
      • Cadiz Raid 1587
        • Sir Francis Drake and other seamen destroyed 20- 35 ships being built by Philip
          • delayed the Armada by more than 12 months
        • brought in 140K
      • expelled the English ambassador in 1568
        • Mendoza expelled from England in 1583 for his implication in the Throckmorton plot
    • The Netherlands
      • 1585- signed the Treaty of Nonsuch
        • this gave military support- 7,000 troops
      • 1581- financed the Dutch Protestant rebels
        • set off Philip
      • sent troops to the Netherlands to help the Dutch Protestants
        • Leicester's expedition was a disaster
      • spent 2 million pounds
      • Liz signed the reaty because England relied on Dutch ports
    • Ireland
      • "the festering sore on the body politic"- Steven Ellis
      • Tyrone's Rebellion
        • most important landowner in Ireland
        • 1597- Battle of Yellow Ford- embarassing defeat for the English
        • Essex is sent to Ireland with a large army
          • deliberately avoids Tyrone and then signs a truce with him against Liz's instructions
      • rebellion amongst two different groups
        • anglo irish
          • resistance was a part of their 'duty'
        • gaelic irish
          • resented protestant english intervention
    • "England in 1585 was militarily stronger than had been the case for half a century"- Susan Doran
    • France
      • Treaty of Cateau- Cambresis
        • Eng gives Calais back for 8 years
        • French agreed to not support MoS
      • Liz gave unofficial support to the Huguenots after St. Bartholomew Massacre 1572
        • Henry of Navarre succeeds the throne becoming Henry IV
          • converts to Catholicism and makes peace with Philip in 1598
    • Aims
      • keep France from expanding in Europe
      • wanted the Spanish out of the Netherlands
      • make England powerful through trade and exploration


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