Mid Tudor Crisis Historiography

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  • Mid Tudor Crisis 1547-58 Historiography
    • Government under Somerset
      • 1549 Rebellions
        • John Guy- Rebellions of 1549, the closest England came to class warfare
        • Western Rebellion-Eamon Duffy- "Class antagonism"
        • Ketts Rebellion-Andy Wood-"Due to social conflict"
      • Religion
        • Eamon Duffy-"Somersets religious  policy's were the most sweeping religious changes England had seen"
    • Government under Northumberland
      • Dale Hoak-" Most able governor in Europe during the 16th century"
      • Religion
        • Eamon Duffy-"policies led to a flood-tide of radicalism"
        • Haigh- As services became plainer, churches attracted less affection-and much less money"
        • Duffy-"His policies encouraged discontent and disobedience"
      • Succession Crisis
        • D.Hoak-"Devise was Edwards idea due to his eagerness to preserve Protestantism"


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