Emotional Development

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  • Emotional Development
    • Self-concept
      • Self image
        • The way an individual sees themselves, it is their mental image of themselves
        • Why do we compare ourselves?
          • Insecurities
          • Poor self image
          • Motivation to meet the ideal self
      • Self esteem
        • How a person feels about themselves, self-worth, or pride
      • Is made up of a combination of self esteem and self image
    • Factors involved when developing self-esteem
      • Positive factors
        • An easier time in relationships
        • Resisting peer pressure
        • Making friends
        • Handling conflicts
      • Negative factors
        • Can become passive, withdrawn, and depressed
        • Difficulties dealing with problems emotional and social problems
        • Very self critical
          • Criticizing oneself, where you find a fault with one's actions and thoughts
        • Speak negatively about themselves
    • Factors involved when developing self-image
      • Determined in early childhood
      • The quality of social interaction
      • The influence of parents or caregivers
      • Positive
        • Making positive comments about their child can lay ways for foundations of a positive self-image
      • Negative
        • Making negative comments can begin to see and think about themselves
    • Infancy
      • Babies start to build self esteem
        • They are aware that they are loved and comforted and shows them that they are important
      • 18 months to 2 years learn that they can achieve things and learn about themselves
        • If the infant feels unloved, they may find that it is hard to value themselves


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