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  • Empowerment
    • How can an individual be empowered?
      • Putting the individual at the heart of the service
      • Promoting individualised care including rights, dignity, independence, etc...
      • Awareness of and sensitivity to different beliefs and cultures
      • Enabling individuals to express their needs and preferences
      • Promoting rights, choice, and wellbeing
    • Individualised Care
      • Care provision that is tailored to meet the specific needs of each service user
      • Giving your expert professional opinion and not listening to the service user does not provide individualised care
        • This did not include the service user in the planning
    • How do service users express their needs?
      • Sufficient time allocated to individual appointments
      • Privacy
      • Translators
        • Interpretors
        • Signers
      • Advocates or friends/ family
      • These methods allow for the service user to express their needs and preferences


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