Endocrine system

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  • Endocrine system
    • Instructs glands to release hormones directly into the bloodstream.
      • Glands
        • An organ that synthesises hormones
        • Examples of glands
          • Pituitary gland
          • Adrenal gland
          • Ovaries
          • Testes
          • Thyroid
          • Parathyroid
      • Hormones
        • A biochemical substance that affects target organs
        • Produced in large quantities but disappear quickly
    • Stressful situations
      • Hypothalamus activates the pituitary gland
        • Triggers the sympathetic brand of the autonomic nervous system
          • ANS changes from it's resting parasympathetic state to it's sympathetic state
      • Adrenaline is released, triggering the fight or flight response
      • The response is immediate and automatic
      • The parasympathetic response takes over the sympathetic response when the danger is gone
        • Sometimes referred to as the rest and digest response


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