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  • Energy
    • Energy resources
      • Energy demands
        • most energy comes from burning fossil fuels
        • nuclear power, biofuels and renewable resources are also used
      • Renewable energy
        • Wind turbine
        • Wave power
          • uses the motion of the waves to generate electricity
        • Hydroelectric
          • water turns turbines in a dam to generate electricity
        • Solar
          • use the suns energy to heat water directly
        • Geothermal
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    • Conservation of energy
      • Energy cannot be created or destroyed
      • applies to all energy changes
      • energy can be transferred between energy stores within a closed system
    • Energy dissipation
      • Useful energy is energy in the place we want it and the form we need it
      • Wasted energy is the energy that is not useful energy
      • wasted energy is eventually transferred to the surroundings
      • As energy dissipates it becomes less useful
    • transfer by heating
      • Conduction
        • metals are best conductors
        • non metal materials are best insulators
        • higher thermal conductivity the higher the rate of energy transfer
        • a thick layer of insulating material will have a low rate of energy transfer
      • Infrared Radiation
        • all objects emit and absorb it
        • the hotter an object the more infrared it emits in a given time
        • black body radiation is a body that absorbs all radiation that hits it
        • temperature increases if it absorbs more than it emits
        • earths temperature is affected by the level of absorption of radiation from the sun
      • Specific Heat Capacity
        • Amount of energy needed to increase the temperature of a 1kg substance by 1 degrees C
        • energy = mass x specific heat capacity x temperature change
    • energy stores
      • energy transfers
        • Heating
        • Waves
        • Electric current
        • Force by moving the object
      • Falling object
        • GpE decreases
        • Kinetic energy increases


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