Unit 6 - Energy Use

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  • Energy Use
    • Calories = Energy
      • Needed for everything we do e.g. growth, repair, development and movement
      • Foods have a 'Traffic Light' label to tell us what is in our food
      • Recommended Daily Allowance
        • Men need 2500 kCal
        • Women need 2000 kCal
    • Energy Balance
      • The more we do and exercise, the more we should eat, otherwise we lose weight
      • The less we do and exercise, the less we should eat, otherwise we gain weight
    • Factors that affect calorie intake
      • Age - young people need more calories to grow
      • Gender - men need more calories
      • Height - taller people need more calories
      • Exercise - the more we do, the more energy we need
      • Metabolism - how quickly we use energy


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