Energy Use, Diet & Nutrition

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  • Energy Use, Diet & Nutrition
    • Energy can be measured by counting calories
      • Calories = unit of measurement for heat or energy production in the body
        • Males = 2500kcal
        • Females = 2000kcal
          • Can vary depending on age, height & activity levels
            • Males = 2500kcal
            • Taller people require more calories as they have a larger skeleton and more muscle
            • Older people need less calories as they metabolism gets slower and muscle gets replaced by fat
            • Active lifestyles require more calories
    • Water balance
      • Water is lost via sweat when exercising
      • Dehydration
        • Excessive loss of water
        • Interrupts normal function
        • Downfalls
          • Blood thickens
          • Blood temperature increases
          • Heart rate increases
          • Slower reactions
          • Poor decision making
          • Muscle fatigue


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