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    • Language
      • Paper 1 Fiction & Imaginative Writing
        • Marks: Question 1: 1 Question 2: 2 Question 3: 6 Question 4:15 Question 5:40
          • For the 6 Mark you need to use language and structure to answer the question.
          • For the 15 Mark you need to annotate the script and evaluate the text to answer the question, analyzing sentence structure. Plan your question at the top of the page to help you with the answer.
          • For the last question which carries the most marks (40 Marks), you need top use your imagination, writing a piece of text based on a photo that is given in the exam paper. You need to remember the assessment adjectives AO5 + AO6 which are about your use of grammar, spelling, punctuation and the technicality of your work.


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