English exam structure

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  • English language exam structure (Higher)
    • Q1
      • "What do you understand about _____ in source one."
        • Always on source 1
        • 12 minutes
      • Offer evidence that the text is fully understood
      • Show a detailed engagement with the text
      • Make perceptive connections and comments about the issues presented in the text
      • Offer appropriate quotations or references to support understanding
    • Q2
      • "Explain how the headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text."
        • Always source 2
        • 12 minutes
      • Offer a detailed interpretation of the effects of the headline
      • Presents a detailed explanation and interpretation of what the picture shows and its effects
      • Link the picture and the headline to the text with perceptive comments
      • Offer appropriate quotations or references to support comments
    • Q3
      • Engage in detail with the events described in the text
      • Offer perceptive explanations and interpretations of the thoughts and feelings expressed.
      • Employ appropriate quotations or references to support ideas
      • "Explain some of the thoughts and feelings the writer has."
        • Always source 3
        • 12 minutes
    • Q4
      • "Compare the language features in source 3 and either 1 or 2"
        • Always source 3 and either 1 or 2
      • Offer a full and detailed understanding of the texts in relation to language
      • Analyse how the writers have used language to achieve their effects in the different contexts
      • Offer appropriate quotations in support of ideas with perceptive comments
      • Focuses on comparison and cross-referencing of language between the texts
    • Q5
      • "Write a[n] _____ which decribes ________"
        • Could be a[n]:  * Blog entry     * Newspaper      article           * Website       * Poster          * Letter                             (So be prepared for anything)
      • Communication
        • Communicate in a way which is convincing, and increasingly compelling
        • Form, content and style should be consistently matched to purpose and audience, and becoming assuredly matched
        • Make it engaging for the reader with structured and developed writing, with an increasingly wide range of integrated and complex details
        • Write in a formal way, employing a tone that is appropriately serious but also manipulative, subtle and increasingly abstract
        • Use linguistic devices, such as the rhetorical question, hyperbole, irony and satire, in a consciously crafted way that is increasingly sustained
        • Show control of extensive vocabulary, with word choices becoming increasingly ambitious
        • Q6
          • Always an argument
            • Always links to the inserts
          • 35 Minutes
      • Organisation of ideas
        • Fluently link paragraphs and seamlessly integrated discursive markers
        • Use a variety of structural features, for example, different paragraph lengths, indented sections, dialogue, bullet points, in an increasingly inventive way
        • presents complex ideas in a coherent way
        • Q6
          • Always an argument
            • Always links to the inserts
          • 35 Minutes


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