English Language Paper 2, Section B, Mark Scheme

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  • Paper 2, Section B
    • Question 3
      • AO1
        • Semantic patterns
        • Pragmatic features
        • Sentence and clause types, elements and linking
        • cohesion and textual structure
        • Metaphors and similes
        • Word classes in detail
        • Verb tenses, voice, aspect, modals
        • Phrases
        • Connotations
        • Semantic fields
        • Word classes
        • Verb moods
        • Hyperlinks
        • Graphological features
      • AO3
        • Evaluate persuasiveness, modality and positioning of audience
        • Evaluate self-presentation of writers and creation of authority
        • Evaluate use of sentence and clause effects/patterns to shape responses
        • Explore discourses of correctness, self-determination, careers success, education, cultural prestige
        • Analyse verbs used to represent effects of accents
        • Analyse how language is used to represent changing accents
        • Analyse how language is used to represent English speakers, elocution lessons and teachers.
        • Interpret nouns/ verbs/ adverbs used to label/ characterise accents
        • Interpret adjectives used to describe/ characterise accents
        • Interpret 1st, 2nd and 3rd person address to audience.
      • AO4
        • Topic Specific Information
    • Question 4
      • AO2
        • Topic Specific Information
      • AO5
        • Use a range of cohesion strategies to guide the reader
        • Transform and explore ideas relevantly and interestingly for audience, showing their significance to the reader
        • Show close control of sentence effects.
        • Produce an effective opening and conclusion
        • Argue well-documented viewpoints, that provide information accessibly
        • Use an engaging and entertaining style
        • Produce an effective opening and lively sub-editorial material
        • Write accessibly and transform linguistic ideas for audience
        • Write for context of a non-specialist audience, recognising entertainment and informative functions
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