English Language Change 1550 - 1600

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  • English Language 1550 - 1600's
    • Grammar Schools King Edward 1552
      • Founded 35 grammar schools, purpose of teaching latin, however purpose broadened.
      • Attached to cathedrals and monastries, during English reformation, in theories schools open to all
        • Few poor people could attend as their labour was economically valuable to family
    • Geneva Bible 1557
      • One of most historically significant translations, preceding the King James Bible by 51 years.
      • This bible used by Shakespeare, Cromwell, Milton, Knox etc
      • First time a mechanically printed, mass-produced bible directly available to general public
      • Had study guides for better understanding, first ever study bible
    • Walter Raleigh 1554 - 1618
      • Sailed to american, exploring with his half brother Sir Humphrey Gilbert
      • Credited with bringing poratoes and tobacco back to Brtian
      • Helped make smoking popular in court


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