English Language 1790 -1900

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  • English Language 1790 -1900
    • Industrial Revolution 1700 - 1840
      • New manufacturing process, machines, chemical manufacturing and iron production process
      • Changr from wood and other bio-fuels to coal
      • Paper machine 1798
      • Gas Lighting
        • Firstly used in London between 1812 and 1820
          • Allowed factories to stay open longer
    • Elementary Education Act 1870
      • Commonly known as Forsters education act
      • Framework for schooling all children aged 5 - 13 in England and Wales
      • A driving force behind this was Britains need to remain competitive in the world
      • Were objections as it allowed working classed to 'think' and these workers could think of their lives as dissatifying
      • Parents had to pay fee for students attending school, however the poor didn't
      • Religious teaching in schools was restricted
      • Effect of Education act
        • Allowed for Education act of 1880, where attendance to age 10 came compulsory
        • In 1891 elementary schooling became free
        • Factory owners feared the removal of children as source of labour.
          • However with the simple maths and english they were acquiring, factory workers could read and take measurement


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