Environmental Factors

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  • Environmental Factors - Accessing Services
    • NICE
      • National Institute for health and social care excellence
      • Aim to improve services for people who do not usually use health and social care services
      • They have the responsibility to ensure that health and social care services meet the needs of the people nationally
    • Equality Act 2010
      • Services should be inclusive and should be accessible
      • Services should impact local people and communities
      • The local authority has a responsibility to identify barriers
    • Transport
      • Financially paying for travel
      • Parking
      • Arranging lifts
      • Public transport times
      • Remote areas
        • Appointments being cancelled
        • Appointments being missed
        • Appointments being rebooked
      • Impacts on health and wellbeing
        • Health deterioration
        • Spreading of disease and or illness
        • Loss of money
        • Reliance of other family members
    • Why may some not have the same access to services?
      • Recruitment of GPs and nurses may be difficult in deprived areas
      • Hospital and GP appointments during working hours may be inconvienient
      • Elderly and children are reliant on others to get them to services
      • How has/ could this be overcome?
        • Extended GP hours
        • Introduce more NHS Walk-in Centres, Healthy Living Centres, and the NHS 111 service
    • Barriers
      • Physical
        • Objects that prevent an individual from getting to a service
      • Psychological
        • The way that an individual feels about a service such as worry or fear
      • Financial
        • How much it might cost to access a service
      • Geographical
        • How far away the services are
      • Cultural and language
        • Their culture ma be against the services being provided
        • How individuals communicate with others
      • Resources
        • How much is in demand and the shortages of resources that may occur


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