Environmental Factors - Continued

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  • Environmental Factors - Housing Conditions
    • Poor quality housing
      • Associated with poor health and quality of life
      • Lead to the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular disease as well as depression and anxiety
      • Accidents and illness
        • Mould
        • Structural defects
      • Overcrowding
        • Limit access to:
          • Washing
          • Cooking
          • Cleaning
        • Lead to cases of poor personal hygiene or malnutrition
      • Indoor air pollution
        • Drying clothes indoors
          • Inadequate ventillation
        • Infections can be spread easier in crowded places
      • Reduced access to open green spaces to exercise outdoors
        • Can lead to:
          • Physical issues and complications
          • Obesity
          • High blood pressure
          • Diabetes
          • Stroke
    • Hypothermia
      • Cold homes and homelessness are major causes of hospital admission to treat hypothermia
      • Families with low incomes are unable to afford to heat their homes
      • The elderly are more at risk in winter
        • Lack of eating/ nutrition
        • Lack of hydration
        • Tend to be inactive and tend to stay home
        • Low pension income or general income may cause worry or stress
      • A medical emergency that occurs when your body loses heat faster than it can produce heat
    • Caged Housing (Hong Kong)
      • Physical, emotional, social, intellectual development may be affected


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