Environmental Issues - urban change

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  • Environmental issues - Urban Change
    • Waste Management
      • Urban areas create huge quantities of waste with their  high levels of consumption and not all places for example some areas in the UK are collecting it and recycling it
    • Atmoshperic pollution
      • Air pollution is increasing due to there being more motor vehicles. MAJOR POLLUTERS are coal, oil and gas power stations
        • Three main air pollutants:      SUSPENDED PARTICLES made up of soot, smoke etc worsen heart conditions. SULPHUR DIOXIDE produced by fossil fuel combustion etc causes acid rain NITROGEN DIOXIDE caused by fuel combustion, aerobic decomposition and nitrogenous fertilizers cause acid rain as well
    • Traffic and Transport
      • Traffic congestion is often the bane of many urban areas due to things like the amiunt of jobs in the core and the rise of private cr ownership
        • This can cause pollution noise and stress
        • Trafic Management:Segregation - re routing heavy traffic. Make public transport more attractive and efficient. good traffic information systems.
    • Brownfield sites
      • Contributory causes of dereliction: The inevitable ageing and decay of buildings with the passage of time which cause maintenance costs to spiral - The movement of urban activities to better and more profitable locations - Basic changes in an urban economy brought about by the collapse of notable activities
        • After these causes a decision has to be made with what to do with the derelict land
        • In UK 60% of new homes are to be built on brownfield sites
          • However not much brownfield, some contaminated and not always physical access to enable residential area.
    • Flood plains
      • Homes and lives can be destroyed if there is residential areas on floodplains and there is a flood
    • Water Supply


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