Environmental Ethics

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  • Environmental Ethics
    • What is environmental ethics?
      • The relationship between people and the natural world and the decisions people have to make about the environment.
      • There are not currently any agreed ethics for environmental issues.
    • Christian Approaches
      • Dominion
      • nature itself has no intrinsic value- humnans only important life formas
        • God has special concern for humanity- because they are made in his image.
      • Doesn't rule out the preservation of nature- as long as the concern for nature is to do with humanity's well-being.
      • Bible- all of creation has intrinsic value.
      • ST FRANCIS of ASSISI- God communicates through the natural world, so it is a sin to destroy the natural world.---
        • Natural world is a sign of Gods goodness, its purpose is to inspire our respect and love.
        • all creatures have the same ability and duty to worship God-- all part of the same creation -- all have the same intrinsic value.
      • Stewardship-- Genesis 2 'to till it and keep it'
        • Genesis b3-- mans sin- reason for environemtnal problems because at this point we became bad stewards
      • Rapture theory
        • concern for the environment is irrelevant because we have no future- second coming of Jesus- destruction of environment.
    • Secular environmental ethics
      • Deep ecology
        • Aldo Leopald
        • Aarne Naess
      • Gaia hypothesis
        • James Lovelock- self regulating organism
      • Conservation ethics- shallow ecology
        • Worth of environment- related to its worth of humans
        • Biodiversity
        • Micheal la Bossiere
        • Peter singer
    • Utilitarianism
      • long term against short term
      • Qunatative
      • Bentham
      • Qualitative- Mill
    • Kant
      • Means to an end
      • Killing for food is fine- killing for sport is wrong
      • people who torture animals are likely to do the same to humans\
      • Categorical imperative- universal law


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