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  • Ergonomics + anthropometrics
    • Ergonomics
      • The science of designing products, systems and environments for human use.
        • This means applying the characteristics of human users to the design of a product - matching the product to the user.
      • Sometimes products are matched to a single user, where the product is customised to suit on person.
      • The main objective to the designer is to improve people's lives by increasing their comfort and satisfaction.
        • Data about the size and shape of the human body is required.
          • Anthropometrics
            • Branch of ergonomics that deals with human measurements, in particular their shapes and sizes.
            • For many products, data is required about any number of critical dimensions relating to the user, such as height, width or length of reach when standing or sitting.
            • Anthropometric data must take into account the greatest possible number of users.
              • The designer's aim is to provide an acceptable match for the greatest possible number of users.
                • This data will vary for different regions in the world e.g. the average height of people in Japan is shorter than in the UK.
            • A designer would focus on the 90% who account for the greatest number of users when designing a product.


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