Political and Governmental Change, Establishing a Dictatorship 1933-34

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  • Establishing a dictatorship, 1933-34
    • Hitler rose to power using the problems of the Weimar constitution
      • Legally
        • 1933 February: Reichstag Fire. Blamed Communists who then lost support.
        • 1933, 28th Feb: Presidential Decree giving Hitler emergency powers was passed
        • 1933 April: Law to restore civil service. Jews and Nazi opponents removed
        • 1933 March: Enabling Act passed. Hitler could pass laws without Reichstag
        • 1933 July: All political parties banned except Nazis
          • One-party state
        • 1933 Hitler was chancellor. Had to work within Weimar systemd
      • Illegally
        • Nazis used violent tactical campaigns to get support and threaten opponents
          • Gestapo
        • 1933 June: the Night of the Long Knives. SA destroyed.
          • Were seen as thugs and bad for Nazi image
      • 1933 August: Hindenburg dies. Hitler declares himself as Fuhrer.
        • Army takes an oath of loyalty to Hitler, not army
    • 1934
      • Hitler had complete control over German political system
      • No chancellor or president. Hitler as Fuhrer


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