Establishing a dictatorship 1933-34

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  • Establishing a dictatorship 1933-34
    • The Enabling Act
      • 24 March - Reichstag passed the law for Removal of the Distress of the People and Reich
      • Hitler could pass laws without the Reichstag. It was renewed in 1937 - then his dictatorship was established so it was not renewed
      • Tore up the Weimar Constitution
      • Hitler used his power to get rid of parties in the Reichstag, until 14 July 1933 - a law was passed banning all remaining parties
      • One party state
      • When Hindenburg died, Hitler combined the roles of chancellor and president into fuhrer
        • Held a plebiscite to make his action look acceptable abroad
    • Night of the Long Knives
      • Hitler wanted to get rid of prominent Nazis
      • Rohm and the SA helped Hitler into power but they were seen as thugs so were bad for the Nazi image
      • Hitler had the ** and Gestapo to do his bidding so he no longer needed the SA
      • Feared Rohm may try and sieze power
      • 30 June 1934 - Rohm and other senior SA officiers were arrested and shot the next day
      • Over the next few days several hundred people were murdered by the **
      • Many SA members were killed
      • General von Schleicher [ex-chancellor] and his wife was killed
      • SA continued working but in a reduced form
      • Many were glad Hitler tamed the SA as their brutal tactics were widely hated.


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