Ethnicity and Crime

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  • Ethnicity and crime
    • Stats show that people from BAME backgrounds commit more crime.
    • Social Construct (Don't trust stats)
      • Maxist
        • Chambliss - criminogenic capitalism
        • WCC - VW, Grenfell      Selective law enforcement
      • Labelling theorist
        • Becker - Master Status
        • Cicourel typifications
          • Stop and search rates higher for BAME
      • Neo-Marxist
        • Hall + Gilroy Moral Panics
    • Social Causes (Trust stats)
      • Subcultural
        • Cohen  Status Frustration
          • Minority group members often can have low status from discrimination
            • They seek out others with the similar situation in subculturesas an alternative status hierarchy
              • Committing acts of deviance is seen as a way to gain status.
        • Cloward + Ohlin
          • 3 SCs
            • Criminal, Conflict, Retreatist.
        • Millar and Matza
          • Focal concerns + drift
      • Functionalist
        • Merton Strain Theory
          • People from minorities can face barriers to success in education and careers.
            • Discrimination can leave them with no choice but to feel the strain to use illigitimate means to be successful
        • Durkheim ANOMIE
          • When someone feels like they are out of place with the norms and values of society, they can experience ANOMIE.
      • Realism
        • LR: Marginalisation, Rel Dep
        • RR: Bio differences, poor socialisation, rational choice.


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