Evaluation of The Biological Explanations of SZ

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  • Evaluation of Biological Explanations of SZ
    • Weaknesses
      • Reductionist
        • Purely biological approach to SZ meaning that it fails to account for the environmentafactor which plays a role in the cause of SZ
          • We know that SZ is a least partly influenced by the environment because adoption studies show that being raised away from birth parent with SZ can reduce the chances of a child developing SZ from 16% to 10%
      • Medication and Non-Compliance
        • Biological Explanations suggest that medication is the main treatment for SZ, however non-compliance (choosing not to take medication prescribed) is common
          • This is because, for some people living with the symptoms of SZ is easier that living with the side effects of the medication (.i.e. tardive dyskinesia)
      • Deterministic
        • If SZ has biological basis then the cause is beyond anyone's control
          • However, we know that there are factors (such as family dynamics) which can be controlled that will contribute to the maintenance or triggering of SZ
      • Treatment Aetiology Fallacy suggest that just because SZcan be treated by slowing down dopamine transmissions doesn't mean that the cause of SZ is an excess of dopamine. Just because a treatment has been found doesn't mean the origin has been found
        • Direction Of Causality ~ excess of dopamine may be caused by SZ rather than being the cause
      • Socially Sensitive & Negative Stigma ~ the dopamine hypothesis suggests that drug use is a cause, which could lead to people believing all SZics are drug abusers
    • Strengths
      • Can possibly be eliminated
        • If SZ has a genetic basis then it can be possible to test for the disorder and eventually eliminated the faulty genes through genetic engineering
      • Treatment should be successful
        • If abnormal brain biochemistry is the root of the disorder then medication should be successful.
          • As our understanding of the brain and how it works improves with time, then medication will become more targeted so will become more effective
      • Empirical, Scientific Methods
        • Biological explanations can be supported and tested using scientific methods
          • Meaning that they have more scientific credibility than psychological explanations which can be difficult to tes


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