Events in the Ruhr and Hyperinflation

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  • Hyperinflation
    • Causes
      • Extensive borrowing of money during WW1
      • Reparations the government could not pay
      • Loss of wealth-creating areas thanks to ToV
    • Invasions
      • Significance
        • Stirred up old enmities and reminded people of the war
        • Fueled the Germans' hatred of France and Belgium
        • Strikers became heroes as the stood up to the Treaty and showed the German people had not been crushed
    • Crisis
      • Nov 1923 - Currency value rapidly falls
        • People on fixed income found themselves with nothing
        • Businessmen could pay off money they'd borrowed
        • Food shortages allowed farmers to earn more
        • Foreigners in Germany could suddenly afford things normal Germans couldn't by exchanging their pounds or dollars for billions of marks
      • Government humiliated (again)


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